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Transforming Lives through Health and Sustainable Development

Naabans Foundation is a non-profit organization deeply committed to instigating positive change and enhancing the lives of individuals in underprivileged communities. We firmly believe in equal access to vital resources, high-quality education, and opportunities for sustainable development.

Mrs Joan Folson Agyare, General Manager

We are dedicated to implementing innovative projects and sustainable initiatives, taking a proactive approach to address the distinct challenges of each community. Our focus areas encompass education, infrastructure, healthcare, and economic development, striving to bring about social, economic, and environmental progress. Beyond project-based endeavors, Naabans Foundation actively engages in advocacy efforts, amplifying the voices of those in need. Our mission is to drive systemic change and ensure the prioritization of underprivileged communities well-being and advancement.

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Health, Education, and Infrastructure Initiatives

Every Child Deserves The Opportunity To Learn

We are dedicated to enhancing quality education in underprivileged communities, implementing initiatives that range from infrastructure development to vocational training

$10,000 Goal

$2,542 Raised

Provision of Infrastructure

Naabans Foundation is dedicated to improving the infrastructure of underprivileged communities, striving to create sustainable and resilient environments.

$10,000 Goal

$4,142 Raised

Providing Quality Health Care

Naabans Foundation is committed to delivering quality healthcare services to underprivileged communities, focusing on initiatives that enhance access, improve healthcare infrastructure, and promote overall well-being."

$10,000 Goal

$5,120 Raised


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Answer: The belief behind Naabans Foundation is rooted in a commitment to instigating positive change and enhancing the lives of individuals in underprivileged communities

Answer: Naabans was created in 2022 but was duly registered in 2023.

Answer: Naabans Foundation has been working in the thematic areas of education, healthcare, infrastructure and economic development

Answer: Empowering underprivileged communities through innovative projects, sustainable initiatives, and advocacy to foster social, economic, and environmental progress.

Answer: Naabans Foundation has a proper programme management system which tracks progress and does periodic analysis – both qualitative and quantitative Periodic external evaluations are also done to gauge the impact and progress of various programmes.